©iPad, ©iPadPro or ©iPhone, Apple Desktop or Macbook Support

Does your ©MacPro, ©Mac Mini , ©Macbook Air, ©MacbookPro(MBP), or ©OS X Server need attention? Software or Hardware Upgrade? Need more storage?


LewisWeb & Wireless has the know how to inspect, then troubleshoot, and with confidence repair any Mac software issue, expand your storage by external drives, NAS, or the Cloud.

Networking and Wireless

LewisWeb & Wireless can setup an Apple wireless network in your office or home. We can also setup a Linux / ©Windows / ©Apple network so your Windows, Linux, Apple products can work together seamlessly.

©iPad, ©iPhone Support

©iPad or© iPhone giving you issues, we have the knowledge to get your iPhone or iPad back on track.

©Apple Hardware Issues

Note: we are not a replacement for ©Apple Care or ©Apple Service Support. ©iPad or ©iPhone and ©Mac desktop hardware repair should be done at the local ©Apple Store or an Authorized Dealer.

LewisWeb & Wireless does not run data or electical wiring, that work should be done by a qualified electician.