©iPad or ©iPhone, Apple Desktop or Macbook Support

We Specialize in ©MacPro, ©Mac Mini , ©Macbook Air, ©MacbookPro(MBP), or ©OS X Server Support. Software or in some cases, Hardware Troublshooting, storage configuration.

* Note: we do not service jailbroken devices nor will we jailbreak a device. [about jailbreak]


The technical ablility to inspect, then troubleshoot, and with confidence correct any Mac software issue, expand your storage by internal (if applies) external drives, NAS, or the Cloud.

©Apple Hardware Issues

Note: we are not a replacement for ©Apple Care or ©Apple Service Support. ©iPad or ©iPhone and ©Mac desktop hardware troubleshooting support should be done at the local ©Apple Store or an Authorized Dealer.

Networking and Wireless

Setup an Apple wireless network in your office or home. We can also setup a Linux / ©Windows / ©Apple networks so your Windows, Linux, Apple products can work together.

LewisWeb & Wireless does not run data or electical wiring, that work should be done by a qualified, electician.