Web Site Creation and Re-Design

There are a lot of "Cookie Cutter" web site makers and DIY applications online. LewisWeb & WIreless creates a truely original website that makes a statement your future that current customers can trust . This will then give your business the impression of being a trend-setter self-thinker, not just another face in the "Cookie Cutter - looks a lot like that other site" crowd.

They are not as cheap as they say, the designers are not as knowledgable and innivative web developers are not as expensive as they say.

Most importantly with LewisWeb & Wireless, you own your domain, hosting and files.

Web Site Design & Creation

Web design, graphic design, and web apps for the real world. By incorporating visually enhanced digital design with practical web apps, LewisWeb & Wireless eyes the future for innovation attaining new standards before it becomes standard, at the same time offering high quality services at reasonable costs.

Web Site Re-Design

We can also spruce up your current web site with a enhanced professional touch with or without altering it's current look to bring it up to the current web browser standards. This makes your web site look fresh.

Federal & State Accessibility Standards

We have the knowledge and skills to create or update your site to meet all Federal, State and local Web standards including Section 508, ADA, W3C accessibility standards, best practices, and more.

Web Sites

Because LewisWeb & Wireless is cares about our customer's privacy and their customer's perception of them, we do not mar up your site with our links on your site. We figure if some one likes our work they will ask you and you would kindly refer them to LW&W.

If you are interested in seeing some of our work for consideration, we can submit a few sites of our web designs after a brief dialog.

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